Best 5 Charm Bracelets Under $50 for Valentine’s Day

From stepped-up candies to personalized mementos, take the stress out of Valentine’s Day shopping with those unique finds. Life Quint’s editors have searched far and wide to curate this thoughtful and varied array of gifts for the number one woman in your life.

In a sense, so-called “charm bracelets” are some of the earliest forms of jewelry or adornment. There are lots of examples from the pre-historical period of strings featuring trinkets or pendants made from shells, animal bones, and different natural materials. Each of these small figures represented something, be it a talisman to keep off bad luck, or as an ancient marker for an occasion in someone’s life. Charm bracelets can be more tailored and unique than the average chain bracelet, which makes them exceptional, specific gifts. You’ll be drawing on a great tradition when choosing one. With such a long history to draw on — approximately 70,000 years — there’s sure to be a charm bracelet that makes the best gift for Valentine’s day. If you’re shopping for someone this Valentine’s Day, consider our list of the top five best charm bracelets. We’ve rounded up our choices in various metals and material below $50.

1. Betsey Johnson Angels & Wings Mixed Feather Charm Bracelet


Speaking of feathers, at the time of this writing, this Betsey Johnson piece is on sale, bringing it below our $50 price cap. This gold-plated bracelet features several feather-like charms, as well as beads and crystals to feature elegance. It measures 7.5 inches and again features a lobster-claw clasp.

Buy the Betsey Johnson Angels & Wings Mixed Feather Charm Bracelet here

2. Stainless Steel Floating Locket Bracelet with 6 Charms and 3 Leather Bracelet


If you’d rather have a leather band than a metallic one, keep in mind this option. Each locket comes with 6 charms of your choice. Selections can be made either in gift message option (before checkout) or contact seller (after checkout). Random selections or charms will be shipped if you do not message/input your choice or charms. Instead of just one band, you really get a set of three in black, pink, and white, so the bracelet will usually match the outfit.

Buy the Stainless Steel Floating Locket Bracelet with 6 Charms and 3 Leather Bracelet here

3. Fossil Charm Starter Bracelet


This bracelet is well-made, sturdy, and beautiful. All Fossil charms fit perfectly on it. It looks WAY more expensive in person than it does in the picture and at the price, it is a great piece that can be added to by adding Fossil charms. This 7.75-inch chain does come with a heart lock-and-key charm, which is decorated with crystals. if you need to add more charms to it, you’ll have to go slightly above budget, however, you’ll at least be able to choose your very own to make a custom bracelet.

Buy the Fossil Charm Starter Bracelet here

4. Silver Tone Metal and Glass Beach Themed Bead Charm Bracelet from  Amazon Collection (Editor’s Choice)


Did you know that Amazon has its personal line of jewelry that is absolutely quite good? Absolutely beautiful looks like the read deal at a fraction of the cost! I absolutely love this bracelet. This is my personal favorite. The Amazon collection features lots of classic staples in interesting combinations, including this seaside charm bracelet. This charming piece uses silver-toned alloy metal with glass beads and sea-themed charms. It’s 7.5 inches in length and features a lobster-claw clasp complete with a heart. A fun choice for all of us who loves the seashore life.

Buy the Silver Tone Metal and Glass Beach Themed Bead Charm Bracelet here

5. Alex and Ani Love III Expandable Rafaelian Bangle Bracelet


This bracelet is an authentic Alex and Ani bracelet. This bracelet is true to size and is even adjustable. The silver is very shiny and does not tarnish. The “love” charm has a distressed look, as well as three smaller charms with the company’s standard emblems that are very nice. I highly recommend this bracelet for a gift, or for any Alex and Ani lover.

Best 5 Charm Bracelets Under $50 for Valentine’s Day

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