Celebrities And The Animated Characters They Played

Scott Weinger Is Aladdin

D.J.’s high school boyfriend in Full House played the voice of the poor kid who falls in love with the princess. He’s also a writer and producer so watch out world. Scott Weinger is on his way.

Cameron Diaz is Fiona

That’s a surprise isn’t it? Cameron is a hot actress we all love and Fiona, well only Shrek could have eyes for her. Oh, I’m sure she’s a very nice lady even when she’s not on the set.

John Lithgow is Lord Farquaad

John has played many big characters. That’s why it’s a little fun when Lord Farquaad steps down off his horse and we find out he doesn’t quite measure up to the booming voice that is John Lithgow’s.

Mike Myers Is Shrek

Mike Myers has brought us many characters and voices over the years. Being the huge green ogre wasn’t all that hard of a choice.

Eddie has the kind of voice that cannot be denied. But, it’s perfect for playing cartoon characters. He has been both Mushu, the character in Mulan, and Donkey from Shrek.


Donny Osmond Is Shang

So, Donny Osmond may not have been the talking voice of the character in Mulan. But, he was the singing voice for Shang.

George Takei Is The First Ancestor

Mulan is actually packed with stars. George Takei is one of them as he lends his voice to the First Ancestor, the one who wanted Mushu to get demoted.

Mel Gibson Is John Smith

Mel doesn’t do too much voice acting and he really can’t sing all the wall. But, he was the talking voice for John Smith in Pocahontas.

Christian Bale Is Thomas

If you thought his voice sounded familiar, you were right. The Pocahontas character named Thomas was played by Christian Bale.

The Emperor’s New Groove has quite a few surprised in it. One of them is that it’s David Spade playing the voice of the emperor.

Eartha Kitt Is Yzma

The casting of The Emperor’s New Groove is quite unique. But, having Eartha Kitt play the voice of Yzma was a perfect choice.

Ellen Is Dory

If you’re going to have an adorable fish in your movie who has a bad case of memory loss, who would you pick? Choosing Ellen to be Dory in Finding Nemo is the perfect choice.

Willem Dafoe Is Gill

Willem has played some good characters and he is notorious for playing bad characters too. As the leader of the Tank Gang, Gill is more believable with Willem as his voice.

Fergie Is Sally Brown

Sometimes, the cartoon character choice just seems odd. Musicians stepping over into voice acting might come across as a weird choice. But, it was absolutely perfect that Fergie played Sally Brown in Peanuts.

Billy Crystal Is Mike Wasowski

When you were watching Monsters Inc., did you have the feeling that Mike’s voice was very familiar? That’s because it’s the voice of the legendary comedian Billy Crystal.

Jennifer Tilly Is Celia

Jennifer Tilly has one of those voices you can pick out of anywhere. She didn’t even try to hide it when she played Celia in Monsters Inc.

John Goodman

John has the perfect voice for doing cartoon characters in animated movies. That’s why he was great at being Sullivan in Monsters Inc. and Pacha in The Emperor’s New Groove.

Steve Buscemi Is Randall

Steve is such a dynamic actor that he could probably play just about any role. Randall in Monsters Inc. was just another example of his true ability to act.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Is Simba

Jonathan has somehow maintained a fairly young and innocent profile. It’s hard to believe that he was able to play the young part of Simba in The Lion King. But, the fact is that he was 13 when he voiced the part.

Celebrities And The Animated Characters They Played

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