Computer Owners Urged to Do This Today

BY ELLIOT SWAN – Windows Computer Technician Elliot Swan investigates a new solution that is quickly gaining popularity among the average PC consumer.

If you live in the U.S and have a Windows computer which is over 6 months old, then we advise you to keep reading.

Thousands of people across the U.S are rushing to get their hands on the latest protection, after yet another increase in identity theft from malware found on computers without the owners knowing.

If you have a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone connected to the internet, you may be at risk of your private information collected when you’re online shopping or Internet banking. Even just browsing the web is a risk in 2016.


Experts Are Now Calling ScanGuard, “A Must Have For Internet Users”

Designed by an elite team of developers, Scanguard™ provides users with a simple one click scan which will check your computer for the latest online threats plus give your computer a well-deserved speed boost, using a high performance algorithm which helped Scanguard™ go viral in a matter of hours.

One user we spoke to said, “I had my card details stolen twice and had no idea how I kept happening. A friend recommended Scanguard to check my computer for spyware, and I had 3 threats which it removed. Been fine ever since.

ScanGuard™ will detect and eliminate any Viruses, Adware and Malware which maybe silently dormant on your computer ready to bombard you with advertising, slow down your computer, or even, steal your personal information like credit card data when shopping online or Internet banking.

How Do I Get My Free Scan?

If you own a Windows computer and it’s over 6 months old then you are eligible for a free antivirus scan.

Step 1: Get your free copy of the software which is available for limited time. Click here to download ScanGuard™


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Computer Owners Urged to Do This Today

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