Sexy 15 Manicures That Will Have You Mad About Matte

I think a matte topcoat just takes any nail design to the next level—I can’t take my eyes off a set of matte nails! After looking at these beautiful manicures, my love for matte is even stronger. I might never pick up a bottle of glossy topcoat again! Here are 15 manicures that will have you mad about matte.


1. Gray and black both look great with a matte top coat.

2. This red to black matte gradient is absolutely stunning!

3. Metallic nails look so rad with a matte topcoat.

Instagram | @allnailseverything 

4. These pretty nude nails have the perfect amount of glam for everyday.

Instagram | @laquenailbar

5. This matte chevron ombre is so cute!

tumblr | essie

6. This comic-inspired nail art actually looks cartoonish with a matte topcoat!

Instagram | @nailsbyjema

7. A diamond accent nail adds some extra glam to a matte manicure.

Instagram | @doobysnails

8. This plain polish looks so trendy with a matte topcoat!

Instagram | @yo_keshh

9. This is another great black and gray combo. The accent nail really pops!

tumblr | mandiiemartinez

10. This is such a creative take on the classic French manicure.

11. A glossy accent nail can change up the whole look. This Marilyn Monroe mani is amazing!

Instagram | @laquenailbar

12. This Marsala manicure is absolutely stunning with a matte topcoat.

Instagram | @theblacksnowqueen

13. These nails are so edgy and perfect. I’m in love!

14. I love the sliver of glitter peeking out from these matte black nails. Beautiful!

We Heart It | @vanessalachula

15. This negative space manicure looks so futuristic!

Sexy 15 Manicures That Will Have You Mad About Matte

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