What Lies Have Been Written About You Online ?

We all know that employers do background checks on potential employees, and it’s important for you to know exactly what could pop-up.Most people just Google themselves, but that basic search won’t reveal everything that’s out there.Think you’ve got nothing to hide? You probably don’t – really – but you could still have a damaged record. Whether some disgruntled ex lied about you on social media,

you missed paying a bill years ago that went to the collectors, or someone has used your identity fraudulently, that information could ruin your future.

Instant Checkmate is the leading background search site chosen by people all over America. It lets users perform background checks on themselves, friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances. Instant Checkmate finally gives you peace of mind, through quality searches across hundreds of millions of criminal, traffic, arrest records and much more.

Through searching and compiling the information from millions of databases, Instant Checkmate provides:

•    Traffic and arrest records.
•    Criminal history, including DUIs and sexual offenses.
•    Online dating profiles.
•    Financial history.
•    Credit and debt information, including foreclosures and tax liens.
•    Properties owned and home value.
•    Current and past known home addresses.
•    Birth, death and marriage records.
•    Drives license information.
•    Email addresses and phone numbers.
•    Voter registration.
•    Corporate affiliations and job history.
•    Known associates, friends and family.


It’s all available at your fingertips, and it’s only a search away.

After getting a subscription you’ll also have access to unlimited searches, so you can look up potential employers, future dates, friends,


and even your own family. Find out what they’ve been hiding.

Suspicious that your date may be married, or some kind of predator? Instant Checkmate has also become a popular background check for single men and women around the country. Find out the facts before that first kiss!

Of course, learning people’s secrets can be highly addictive. Fortunately, if you decide to start searching for friends and family it’s entirely anonymous — so they’ll never know you did it.

Try a search on Instant Checkmate right now to discover what secrets you can uncover.

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What Lies Have Been Written About You Online ?

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